Tegra 3 unbricking notes

Feb 05, 2021

This is just a quick little post to keep notes for how I unbricked my ASUS MemoPad ME301T.

Tegra 3 unbricking

Using tegra 3 unbrick I managed to unbrick the MemoPad.

Enter APX mode

Different depending on device.

Pwning the bootrom

# ./fusee-launcher/fusee-launcher.py ./payload/uart_payload_n7.bin -P 7330

Is your BCT Good?

If you don’t have a Nexus 7 or Ouya you’ll need a BCT. You can dump it with:

# ./utils/nvflash_v1.13.87205 --getbct --bct BCT_READBACK_N7.BIN --configfile ./utils/flash.cfg

Check it with:

# bct_edit BCT_READBACK_N7.bin

If good, make sure you have an EBT image, if you don’t you’re probably screwed

If bad, make sure you have a BCT and EBT image, if not you’re probably screwed

If you have both, boot into nv3pserver mode:

# /utils/nvflash_v1.13.87205_miniloader_patched --setbct --bct $BCT --configfile ./utils/flash.cfg --bl $EBT--go

Reflash to eMMC with:

# ./utils/nvflash_v1.13.87205_miniloader_patched --resume --download EBT $EBT --configfile ./utils/flash.cfg

Hopefully it works!


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